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Minnesota Solar Suitability Analysis

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Fall 2014 Semester
Spring 2014 Semester

Our research team comprises 7 graduate students and a faculty advisor from the Masters of Geographic Information Science (MGIS) degree program at the University of Minnesota - Twin Cities Campus. However, this project would not be possible without the generous help of many other contributors.

Current Members: (Fall 2014)

Andrew Munsch University of Minnesota, B.S. Geography
Interests: Historical GIS and cartography
Andrew Walz ** University of Minnesota, B.S. Computer Science
Interests: Spatial databases and web development
Christopher Martin ** University of Vermont, B.S. Wildlife and Fisheries Biology
Interests: GIS development; web development; spatial analysis
Christopher Brink University of Wisconsin, Stout-Menomonie, B.A. Applied Social Sciences
Interests: Archaeology/anthropology and GIS
Devon Piernot ** University of Wisconsin - Madison, B.S. Cartography and GIS
Interests: Participatory GIS, open-source GIS, cartographic modeling
Yiqun (Ian) Xie Nanjing Normal University, B.S. Geographic Information Science
Interests: Spatial data mining; web mapping
Yuanyuan Luo Tongji University, B.Eng. Surveying and Mapping
Interests: Spatial decision-making in business or public affairs

** - indicates returning member.

Former Members: (Spring 14)

Ben Gosack University of Minnesota, MGIS
University of Minnesota, B.S. Environment and Natural Resources

Interests: Spatial Analysis, Cartography, Natural resource management
Michael Moore University of Minnesota, MGIS
Brigham Young University, B.S. Information Technology

Interests: Software development
Molly McDonald University of Minnesota, MGIS
University of Minnesota - Duluth, B.A. Environmental Studies

Interests: Natural resource management applications of GIS
Stephen Palka University of Minnesota, MGIS
University of Pittsburgh, B.S. Information Science

Interests: Human-environment interaction, water resources management


Len Kne - Faculty U-Spatial Associate Director, University of Minnesota
Interests: web mapping, spatial database management and administration
Dan Thiede - Liaison CERTs Communications Manager - Clean Energy Resource Teams
Interests: web mapping, spatial database management and administration